People often ask “How do I test my testosterone?”. You should wake up with the erection every day. That erection says you’ve got healthy testosterone levels. Do you go to get your testosterone tested? It’s all very confusing. There’s the testosterone, which you get from your blood, there’s the free testosterone, there’s an enzyme that converts the testosterone in the free testosterone. There are all these different tests; it’s all like all over the place. Without a doubt, men’s testosterone levels are dropping, available testosterone decreases, luteinizing hormone that allows you to utilize your testosterone is dropping. All these things are falling. It does go up and down every seven days; your testosterone levels double; that motivates you to have sex if possible and then it drops back down again. There are all kinds of cycles that we have with testosterone.

The most important thing with erectile dysfunction is you get your testosterone levels back to your normal level. What is the average level? An erection every morning – that’s the healthy level and being able to have sex with somebody you love if you have that opportunity. That is the average level. Not what you read. For some men, they need 900; some guys need 300,  there’s all this arranged, it’s appropriate to every male, it’s different. Of course, there is 0 and there 10-15, that is super small.

And with ironic as you can see a weightlifter and all those muscles mean he needs more testosterone to build those muscles. If he doesn’t have enough testosterone, what happens? He goes works out, makes those muscles, wakes up in the morning not turned onto his partner; he needs pornography. And you do a testosterone test for him in the morning and have zero. The bigger the muscles, the less the testosterone. Why would that be? Because it took up all his testosterone to build those muscles. So it’s a big subject testosterone, but healthy men have healthy testosterone levels. Erectile dysfunction is a sign that your testosterone levels are not correct.

Testosterone Boosting Herbs

And how can you increase it? Oh my gosh, there are so many herbs. Here’s an herb Horny Goat Weed you know from China. How do they figure that one out? They looked at on the hillside where these weeds are growing, and all the goats are having sex all day long.  Personally, I don’t like Horny Goat Weed because I don’t like to feel horny. Horny to me as I want it and I can’t have it unless it happens to be right available.

For me, my favorite is Tongkat Ali. It’s a natural herb from Bangkok, a place where they have more sex than anywhere else in the world. It only grows in Bangkok, the real potent pure stuff that I recommend. Tongkat Ali Is a natural testosterone booster. It is not taking testosterone; there are no hormones in it.

I don’t encourage people to take hormones because your body is designed to make them. If you take them, your body stops making them. Well, there’s a dynamic and a male’s body, which is when you’re taking estrogens in from your food because the environment has these xenoestrogens, the meats we eat have estrogen put in them, the pesticides have estrogen in them, we get these xenoestrogens, and our body confuses the brain, and the brain thinks that you have too much testosterone. Because the only time in history for a million years, if men get this, the only time that men would have high estrogen because it wasn’t in the environment, is if their testosterone was too high, and so the body was taking hot testosterone, which is too high and converting it into estrogen. So whenever men have high estrogen, the brain says “Stop making all that too high testosterone, send the message to the testicles to stop making testosterone.” This is what’s happening today.  The average  44-year-old man today has the testosterone levels of a 70-year-old man just 40 years ago. That it’s just that changes, just happened with all these estrogens in our environment. So we have to do something to counter that.

Now, one of the herbs to help get rid of estrogen is called Myomin. It will contribute to getting rid of estrogen in the body, it also prevents testosterone from being converted into these estrogens as well, gives you a chance to build your testosterone. Myomin is one herb that helps balance your male hormones.

Another herb is Tongkat Ali, which sends a message to your brain that you need to make more testosterone. So it helps your body get the message to make more testosterone, not take something, but help your brain come into balance.

And another product which is amazing is a Swedish Flower Pollen. It also decreases inflammation in your body. It’s great for allergies; it’s great for inflammation of your joints, it’s great for brain function. But you won’t notice so much with brain function. What you notice is just a Swedish Flower Pollen takes away information of your bladder, takes away inflammation of your prostate. And when that part of you down there doesn’t have inflammation; then you’d have a less of a tendency to have premature ejaculation. So if you’re not getting erections then everything functions, you can get an erection on-demand.

So these are like amazing insights to have those simple supplements to help you naturally overcome this condition.