Today I want to share with you skin care tips for rosacea skin.

Use Proper Cleanser

Tip number one is using a gentle cleanser. This is super important, and this is going back to the fact that you need to use the proper skin care products for your skin type. You want to make sure you’re using a very gentle cleanser; you don’t want to use anything too harsh, you don’t want to be scrubbing your skin, you don’t want to be using a lot of glycolic or any salicylic acid. Those are just going to be too harsh for your skin, and it can create some more flare-ups of your skin. So choose cleanser products that were developed specifically for rosacea skin. If you have rosacea, if you have sensitive skin, this is just going to soothe your skin, which is what you want with rosacea, you want to alleviate everything. So it calms the skin. And that is exactly what this does, and it also will help to control the redness in your skin too.

No Peels


Tip number two is to skip your facials, skip your microdermabrasion, and skip chemical peels. All those things while they’re good for people that don’t have rosacea if you have rosacea those things are going to be so irritating for your skin. Although several procedures like microdermabrasion, a chemical peel – they’re all going to be too rough and too aggravating to the skin, it will make your rosacea flare up, and it will aggravate it so much. Remember, when you have rosacea, and you have the susceptible skin, you want to ensure you’re very gentle with your skin, you want to make sure all your skin care products – everything you’re doing to your skin – is super soft.

Use Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

Tip number three is all about makeup. You should watch what makeup you’re putting on your skin. And a lot of times people with sensitive rosacea skin won’t pay attention to the makeup that they’re wearing on their skin. But that a lot of times can make your rosacea worse, and you don’t even realize that that’s a trigger. When choosing makeup, you want to ensure all your makeup is fragrance-free, and you also want to lean more towards mineral based makeup. It is so much more gentle to the skin, and you should look into more of a mineral type powder foundation versus a liquid foundation because liquid foundations can clog your pores and then that can also lead to flare-ups of rosacea. You want to keep things very gentle on the skin. Mineral based makeup powders, blushes – those are going to help your rosacea; those aren’t going to lead to flare-ups, they’re going to be more sensitive to your skin. So if you have rosacea, try to steer clear of a lot of the makeup out there and go towards the more mineral based makeup.

Always Use SPF

Always Use SPF

Tip number four for rosacea is to use SPF sunscreen every single day no matter if it’s sunny, regardless of if it is cloudy, no matter if it’s raining. It is the same for everyone out there but if you have rosacea is expressly you need to use SPF every single day, and you want to use a mineral based SPF. A lot of times chemical SPF will irritate and aggravate your skin cause flare-ups. So use SPF every single day and especially if you have rosacea. The Sun is such a huge contributing factor to rosacea flare-ups. A lot of times if you are getting the sun on your skin, you will notice that your rosacea will act up, you will have more redness to the skin, some of those bumps will start appearing. You want to control the amount of sun that is hitting your skin. Use SPF every day and again make sure it is the light one.

The most efficient way to maintain a healthy penis tissue – is to use a vacuum pump. It is considered as the most effective and therefore the most advertised penis-enlargement methods. The producers promise the significant enlargement of penis size in quick time. In practice, there is a slight and temporary increase in the penis size. At the same time, a vacuum pump for men is widely used in medical practice to maintain the length of the penis after prostate surgery and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Doctors say that this method helps to preserve erectile function and improves erection.

Let’s see, whether it is possible to increase the penis without surgery by using a vacuum pump, is this method useful and whether it can cause harm.

Why is a Penis Pump Useful?

It is a device that improves oxygenation of penis tissues. This is happening because penis pump improves blood flow to the penis, respectively, the likelihood of formation of abnormal fibrous tissue decreases, penis size, and erectile function is preserved.

Vacuum Pump helps to cope with erectile dysfunction caused by such reasons:

  • Psychological problem: depression, fear, anxiety, and stress;
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Disadvantages Of the Penis Pump

  • To achieve excellent and efficient dynamics, it is necessary to perform two workouts every day lasting 45 minutes or longer;
  • Ejaculation as a factor required before the procedure;
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So these were the disadvantages of penis vacuum pump usage.

With penis pump, you can use male enhancement pills. Choose that pills that are designed especially for penis enlargement. Combining these supplements and exercises with penis vacuum pump will give you the best enlargement results.

If you’re looking for a healthier thicker hair, then hair supplements are amazing. But they’re good at helping the hair that’s already on your head. They do nothing to block the effects of DHT; they do nothing to regenerate those hair follicles, which I keep saying is what you want if you’re looking to sprout new hair and going bald, not if you just want thicker hair on the places that you’ve already got hair.

Let’s move on to a few tips. I work in the salon, and I was talking to the guys in the salon all about male baldness and their opinions. There is a myth that if you have thinning hair if you’re losing hair, that you should grow it out and the thicker bits can cover the thinner bits. That’s when you come in to comb over territory, and you want to avoid that. There is a science behind getting your hair cut, and haircuts can reshape the face. They can draw the attention to the face area, to the positive areas, which are exactly what we want.

The next one is if you got thinning hair if you’re in that process of losing hair and it is a real confidence drainer.  There are products on the market that have hair building fibers. They range everything from 10 pounds away up to 50. These are little fibers that stick to your hairs and make your thin hairs, and even if you can’t see them, they make them look a lot thicker and just like new hair. But hair building fibers aren’t a permanent fix. Obviously, they’re just a temporary cosmetic thing that you do have to do every day like how you style your hair.

So, finally let’s talk about treatments. If you have hair loss, if you are starting to go bald and you want to do something about it, go to a doctor, not a hair clinic. And this is why. Hair clinics are there to make money obviously, and they will exhaust all the options before going for the ultimate, which is usually the hair transplant. Again, this matches up with a lot of reviews, a lot of statements, a lot of cone-like hair loss journals and journeys that I read from guys online is that they will go through everything from laser treatment to massages, to ointments, making you spend thousands and thousands of pounds. I’ve seen that people spent up to like twenty-five thousand and even hundreds of thousands before they just decided to spend all that money that they could devote to these treatments just on a hair transplant. But, saying that some of these treatments may be enough for you. So, this is something your doctor will be able to tell you rather than a hair clinic. Also, doctors can prescribe medication if it’s right for you and if they think is what will work for you.

Now, I am going to mention brands here; these are all FDA approved products. There’s a medicine called Rogaine and as I said this is a FDA-approved treatment for male pattern baldness, and this is kind of an ointment, kind of oil tonic type thing. When it applied directly to the scalp, it can help renew those hair follicles and assist them to start growing hair again.

Very similarly this one called Finasteride. This is very popular, and I’ve read some fantastic reviews about this, seeing some amazing videos and testimonials. And this is a prescribed pill that blocks that DHT from forming and developing in your scalp.

However, there are side effects to these products, and that may affect you or may not. And, so, again, this is something that your doctor will prescribe and go through with you. This is a bit of a more of a life decision, a lifestyle choice. And both of these products I mentioned, only work as you’re using them. So, when you’re using them, you’ll be growing hair; when stop using them – you will no longer be producing new hair. It’s something you have to continuously take – as I said a lifestyle change and choice.